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MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen had a glorious eight-season run, featuring the luxurious birthday parties of over 60 wealthy teenagers during its time. From lavish party themes to A-list celebrity appearances, the over-privileged kids of the hit reality show pulled … Continue reading

Jon & Kate Plus A Whole Lot Of Hate

Back in 2007, the Discovery Health Channel premiered Jon & Kate Plus 8, a series following the daily lives of a couple with one set of twins and one set of sextuplets. At the start of its third season, the show was moved to TLC and by the fifth season, the series became one of the network’s highest-rated programs, with a record 9.8 million viewers tuning in for the season’s premiere.

Then, in 2009, the show threw in its biggest plot twist yet: divorce.

The sixth season aired under the new name, Kate Plus 8, featuring Kate Gosselin as a single mother raising eight children with occasional appearances by Jon.  In 2011, the show announced its final season, after receiving numerous letters from Jon’s attorneys demanding immediate cease of production and evacuation from his property, which was owned by both Jon and Kate at the time.

But the show’s finale did not put an end to Kate’s quest for stardom.

THEN                                               NOW

In addition to continuing the show for two more seasons after the divorce, Kate attempted to launch a talk show with Paula Deen and a new TLC show called Twist of Kate. She has co-hosted the View at least three times and appeared on Dancing With The Stars, Say Yes to the Dress, and Celebrity Wife Swap with Kendra Wilkinson.

Not to mention her many appearances on the cover of People Magazine.

Most recently, she released her fourth book and first cook book, Kate Gosselin’s Love Is In The Mix.

Jon, on the other hand, claims he “lives in the woods” with no address, internet, or cable and works at a Pennsylvania restaurant as a waiter.

“I wish her the best in all that she does,” Jon stated on the OWN show, “but [we’re] just moving in totally two different directions, just totally not on the same page at all about anything.”

Jon also told OWN that he fears his kids have development issues with their peers and “wants and needs, and manners and morals and what’s right and what’s wrong,” due to growing up on television.

Jon statements led Kate to respond on her blog by writing, “I find it very heartbreaking that my children’s father chooses a public forum to discuss his current opinions of the ‘development’ of our children.”

However, Kate admitted to TODAY that two of her children have anger issues, but are not related to their on screen appearances. In fact, she persisted that it would be “in their best interest to remain reality TV regulars.”

In August, Kate filed a lawsuit against Jon “accusing her ex-husband of stealing a hard drive from her house and using the information contained therein to hack into her personal computer and cell phone”. Kate accused Jon of leaking the information to tabloid reporter, Robert Hoffman, who wrote “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.”

Five days ago, Kate dropped the lawsuit against Jon, but continues to press charges against Hoffman.

It’s been more than four years since the Gosselin’s divorce, however the couple’s troubles seem anything but over. As the most recent lawsuit between the two comes to a close, we can’t help but wonder when the next one will open up.

What do you think? Will the couple ever be able to settle their differences? Did reality television create development issues for their children? Will Kate ever stop chasing her desire for fame?

American Idol’s Love Connection

Most people remember American Idol in its glory days, as a place where we tuned in every week to watch stars being born on the stage. In more recent years, the show has been struggling to compete with the singing competition shows like The VoiceX-Factor, and ­The Sing-Off, which have all put a fresh spin on the performance show genre.

With these new shows taking over, what better time is there to reminisce on the better days in Idol history and revisit two former contestants giving The Bachelor a run for its money!

Diana DeGarmo
Diana DeGarmo

Diana DeGarmo, the 16-year-old singer who was runner-up to season 3 powerhouse Fantasia Barrino, was the youngest contestant to make it to the top 10 in Idol’s early days.

Her spunky and charming personality led her to become a fan favorite and crowd favorite while she was on tour with the rest of the top 10 in the summer of 2004. But despite fans voting her all the way to the finals, Diana’s debut album disappointed and sold less than 200,000 copies.

DeGarmo turned her focus towards theater, which had always been a passion of hers. She landed the role of Penny Pingleton, the dorky sidekick to Tracy Turnblad in Broadway’s Hairspray in February 2006 and performed for almost a year. Little did she know that her next big role would lead to a lot more than a Broadway future.

In 2010, Diana signed on to play the role of Sheila in the Broadway revival of Hair alongside another Idol alum – and now her husband – Ace Young.

Ace Young
Ace Young

Ace Young finished in 7th place on season 5 of American Idol, shocking his female fans across the country with his early exit. Ace, the nickname he had gone by all his life, became synonymous with his soulful sound, bright smile, and that head of hair – often hidden under his trademark beanie hat! He quickly became the heartthrob of his season.

In the fall of 2006, Ace released his first single called “Scattered” to see what he could do without being signed to a major record label. The song broke into the top 50 of Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary chart, but never made it big.

While his own singing career wasn’t exactly taking off, Ace was dabbling in professional songwriting. Ace wrote the chorus to “It’s Not Over”, a hit single from a major breakout star and one of his best friends from the show, Chris Daughtry.

Following in the footsteps of some other former Idol contestants, Ace made his Broadway debut in 2009, playing the role of Kenickie in the revival of Grease.

After a year-long portrayal of the popular Grease sidekick, Ace was cast in another Broadway production. He signed on to play Claude Berger in the revival of Hair, alongside an Idol counterpart, Diana DeGarmo.

Though American Idol wasn’t where their relationship began, it was the experience that brought these two songbirds together. This is probably why Ace decided to propose to Diana on stage during the live broadcast of the season 11 finale episode. The sappiness starts around the 1:00 mark!

The drawn out proposal we all knew was happening from the first second seemed a little overly dramatic (or maybe that was just me), but for two people who chose careers in the spotlight, I’m sure it was everything they wanted!


Ace and Diana were married on June 1, 2013 and are currently starting their happily ever after in Los Angeles, CA.

Joe Millionaire: With fame comes regret.

Way back in 2003, Fox, unleashed the new reality show with an even newer twist, Joe Millionaire. The premise of the show was that the woman believed the bachelor, Evan Marriott, was a millionaire, but in reality he was a construction worker.

This secret would be revealed to the last remaining woman. At the end of the season Evan Marriott chose Zora Andrich and when she found out the secret, she still chose to be with Evan. Since she chose Evan, the couple was surprised with a check of 1 million dollars and seemed to have a real fairytale ending.

Evan Marriott, Joe Millionaire | RATINGS KING AND QUEEN Evan and Zora score millions for Fox

Unfortunately, the couple did not last long after the show ended. They broke up and decided to split the money evenly.

So where is the (half)millionaire these days? He isn’t praising reality TV, that’s for sure.

After the show ended, Marriott did ride the fame train as long as he could. In an interview last year, he reflected on his behaviors after the show and agreed he was out of control. He didn’t realize his fame would come to an end and he would be left with the backlash.

After the show, he received a lot of negative reactions from outraged woman who felt he tricked woman into love by using money. Once his party days were over and Marriott had time to reflect on his actions, he spiraled into a deep depression.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marriot made it very clear how little interest he had in finding love and was just interested in the money they offered for him to be on it. He explains how much he regrets being on the show and how it has basically ruined his dating life.

In another interview, he also went in depth with how fake the show really was. He is very upfront with the fact that he never wanted to marry any of the women and just wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

Last year Fox had their 25th Anniversary where Evan made a quick appearance, which took viewers by surprise. The visual transformation of Marriott was very shocking since no one had seem him since his 15 minutes of fame back in 2003.

In an interview with The Insider, he talks about how quickly he went through his money within the first few years after the show ended. He donated a lot of the money to different charities, but he wishes he had managed the rest more carefully.

Evan is currently single and has gone back to his roots and is now a construction contractor in Orange County, CA.

Laguna Beach: Where are the Wash-ups?

While MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County appealed to the beach bum that lives in all of us, the hit TV show came to an end in 2006 after three drama-filled seasons. Several of the show’s characters have gone on to have successful careers in Hollywood, but what happened to the other noteworthy characters? Here are some of our favorite forgotten Laguna characters and what they’ve been up to since the cameras disappeared:

Jessica Smith


The rocky romance between Jessica and fellow Laguna cast mate Jason Wahler brought viewers back each week, frustrated and captivated by the cheating scandal that erupted between the two. Their tumultuous relationship eventually took center stage of the show.

While a few of her cast mates went on to pursue glamorous careers in acting or fashion, Jessica started off on the wrong foot in the world after Laguna Beach. In 2007, a 19-year-old Jessica made headlines briefly for being charged with a DUI, but has since cleaned up her act and stayed off the radar. Now Jessica Evans, she still lives in California and is married with a son and a daughter. She has no desire to step back into the reality show spotlight.

Jason Wahler


Known as Laguna Beach’s hard-partying heartbreaker, the fate of this serial dater was quite grave after his time on MTV. He had a brief stint on The Hills, where he dated Lauren Conrad and effectively toyed with her emotions. After his airtime, Jason’s life began to spiral out of control.

Jason fell deep into the partying scene. After several arrests fights, and rehab sessions, he re-entered the realm of reality TV on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab 4 in 2010. He battled his alcoholism and suicidal thoughts with an audience.

But this story has a happy ending! Now-26-year-old Jason has been sober for three years and works as a sober companion for National Therapeutic Services in Costa Mesa, Calif. In Oct. 2013, Jason married his longtime girlfriend Ashley Slack.

Stephen Colletti


This blue-eyed, black-haired Laguna cutie was a standout (and a knockout) while the show was on air, but since its end, Stephen has faded into the background. He popped up in a few episodes of MTV’s The Hills, a spin-off of Laguna. He even landed a role on The CW’s hit TV show One Tree Hill until its end in 2012, but his acting career has fizzled since.    

In 2011, 24-year-old Stephen paired up with his One Tree Hill costar James Lafferty for a short-lived reality program, Wild Life, documenting the outdoor adventures of the two actors.

Despite his floundering TV career, Stephen’s beach hunk reputation continues to precede him, as he has dated some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood like Hayden Panettiere and Chelsea Kane.

Feeling nostalgic? Check out MTV to re-watch the entire show.

The Bachelorette: With love comes lunacy.

ABC’s hit television show, The Bachelorette, has finished its 9th season. The Bachelorette, along with The Bachelor, has grown increasingly popular each season.

While you can catch yourself getting lost in the romance, this show wouldn’t be complete without the incredible scandals that unfold every year. And if you are a true Bachelorette fan, you know we love our scandals.

In every season of The Bachelorette, there is always a contestant that we love to hate. Whether it is the creepy over-obsessed one, the one with a girlfriend, or the narcissist, we love to watch these contestants slowly lose their cool on camera.

But where are these guys now? Did any of them ever find love?

One unforgettable contestant, Kasey Kahl, from season 6 quickly made a name for himself as the classic over romantic.

At first, Kasey seemed like the shy, sweet type. It didn’t take long for Ali Fedotowsky, season 6 bachelorette, to realize he was becoming a little too obsessed with her.

He even wrote a song for her, and then sang it. Creating what felt like the longest, most awkward, minute in Bachelorette history.

Her reaction pretty much says it all.

She almost sent him home that day, but decided not to as long as he would take everything down a notch. To most people that would mean to back off and take things slow. To Kasey, this meant he should get a tattoo for her.

This shocking reveal is when Ali finally sent Kasey home.

So what has he been up to since The Bachelorette? Any more hit singles? Thankfully for all of America, no.

After he was sent home, Kasey went on another ABC reality show, Bachelor Pad that year. On the show he met and started dating  Vienna Girardi, another memorable contestant who was on The Bachelor. There relationship was rocky, but to continue their reality stardom, the couple went on VH1’s Couples Therapy.

They have since broken up and Kasey is currently single.

We all might have started to forget about Kasey, but last year he came back into the spot light when he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and getting into a bar fight. He was facing 2 felony charges, which could have led to 8 years in prison.

This past March, Kasey went to court for the charges and agreed to a plea deal. He pleaded “no contest” to the assault charge, and the other charge was dropped.

While he will still have a felony strike on his record, he will only have to do 180 days of community service, avoiding jail time.

Visit ABC to stay up to date on upcoming seasons of The Bachelorette.

Were They Cut Out for Cutthroat Fashion?

Why do we all love reality TV? In the case of Lifetime’s Project Runway, it might be our innate fascination to watch ordinary people transform into stars – and also to be fashion critics while sitting on our couches.

The show has continued to be successful throughout its 12 seasons and 3 “All-Star Editions”, but whatever happened to the aspiring designers from the show’s early days on the Bravo network?

One of the most memorable characters was Santino Rice, the 3rd place finisher in season 2. Santino was definitely a memorable personality who most viewers had a love/hate relationship with. His kooky designs and sarcastic comments were featured parts of every episode.

Santino’s impressions of Project Runway mentor, Tim Gunn, were a standout part of the season. As well as much needed comedic relief for the designers!

Since his early runway days, Santino has appeared as a judge on the Logo reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, a talent competition for drag queens.

He was also featured in another Lifetime show On the Road with Austin and Santino, where he traveled the country with another Runway cast-off, Austin Scarlett, and designed clothes for ordinary women.

Another standout who appeared in season 4, Chris March, was known for his larger than life personality and designs. He finished in 4th place in his season, as well as 4th place in a special Project Runway: All-Star Challenge episode that aired before the season 6 premiere.

One of the weirder moments from his season came when mentor Tim Gunn visited the designers at home to check on the progress of their final collections.

Chris’ “unique” human hair trimmed pieces became a major talking point of the final episodes. Project Runway fans know Tim is all about encouraging different points of view, but there is a limit to everything…

Tim Gunn Visits Chris March

Chris worked as primarily a costume designer prior to the show, and has returned to his eccentric roots since then. His clientele reads as a list of the biggest personalities in the music and movie industries, including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, and Meryl Streep.

As for his latest ventures, Chris has segued his successful costume career into a line of Halloween wigs for Target.

For those of you who have always wanted to get your hands on an original piece from a Project Runway alum, this is your chance! It may not be the ball gown or perfect pair of jeans you were expecting, but at least you’ll have a standout Halloween accessory ready to go for next year.

To check up on your former favorites, current contestants, or take the ultimate trivia challenge, check out the official Project Runway site.