My Super Sweet 16: Sophie Mitchell and her Spoiled Ways


MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen had a glorious eight-season run, featuring the luxurious birthday parties of over 60 wealthy teenagers during its time. From lavish party themes to A-list celebrity appearances, the over-privileged kids of the hit reality show pulled out all the stops to ensure their birthday parties were unforgettable.

But these pampered princesses sure knew how to make a Sweet 16 turn sour, as snarky attitudes and screaming tantrums were the norm in each episode. Now that the party’s over, the question is, did any of these young ladies change their spoiled ways? Keep reading to find out the fate of one of the show’s most noteworthy personalities, Sophie Mitchell.

Sophie 1

Sophie was only 15 years old when her episode of Sweet 16 aired in 2005, but when it came to party planning, she made it pretty clear that she was the boss. She (or rather, her parents) spared no expense for her Moulin Rouge-inspired celebration, shelling out a grand total of $180,000 for the affair, and Sophie spared no mercy for anyone who couldn’t meet her demands. As she often stated during her episode, “Sophie gets what Sophie wants and Sophie is always right.”

But her rich snob attitude didn’t sit well with national viewers or her classmates. Right after her episode aired, Sophie was slammed with criticism from friends and strangers alike.

Sophie 2

Moreover, her elite private school in Jupiter, Florida attempted to have her expelled for being a poor representation of the community. Eventually, the school stripped her of all of her leadership titles, including cheerleading captain.

When the backlash of her TV appearance became too much, she dropped out of school and jetted off to The American School in Switzerland to finish her high school education.

A now 22-year-old Sophie reluctantly stepped back into the spotlight to uncover that the Sophie on Sweet 16 was nothing like the real Sophie. In fact, her episode was completely contrived. While nothing was actually scripted by MTV, Sophie claimed that the producers created and instigated a majority of the drama captured on-screen.

Watch Sophie’s notorious catfight with her then-best friend Maggie here.

She also revealed that she couldn’t place all of the blame for her behavior on MTV. Sophie admitted that she was more than willing to be whoever the producers wanted her to be. “I knew what they wanted,” she said in an interview with Fameology. “So I took on this personality of the horrible rich bitch and they just loved it. They thought it was hilarious.”

With her teenaged days far behind her, Sophie will soon graduate from The Evergreen State College in Washington State as an English major. Despite her attempts to move on from her ride reality TV persona, re-runs of her episode live on. It just goes to show that you can take the girl out of the party, but taking the party out of the girl proves a bit more difficult.


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