Joe Millionaire: With fame comes regret.

Way back in 2003, Fox, unleashed the new reality show with an even newer twist, Joe Millionaire. The premise of the show was that the woman believed the bachelor, Evan Marriott, was a millionaire, but in reality he was a construction worker.

This secret would be revealed to the last remaining woman. At the end of the season Evan Marriott chose Zora Andrich and when she found out the secret, she still chose to be with Evan. Since she chose Evan, the couple was surprised with a check of 1 million dollars and seemed to have a real fairytale ending.

Evan Marriott, Joe Millionaire | RATINGS KING AND QUEEN Evan and Zora score millions for Fox

Unfortunately, the couple did not last long after the show ended. They broke up and decided to split the money evenly.

So where is the (half)millionaire these days? He isn’t praising reality TV, that’s for sure.

After the show ended, Marriott did ride the fame train as long as he could. In an interview last year, he reflected on his behaviors after the show and agreed he was out of control. He didn’t realize his fame would come to an end and he would be left with the backlash.

After the show, he received a lot of negative reactions from outraged woman who felt he tricked woman into love by using money. Once his party days were over and Marriott had time to reflect on his actions, he spiraled into a deep depression.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marriot made it very clear how little interest he had in finding love and was just interested in the money they offered for him to be on it. He explains how much he regrets being on the show and how it has basically ruined his dating life.

In another interview, he also went in depth with how fake the show really was. He is very upfront with the fact that he never wanted to marry any of the women and just wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

Last year Fox had their 25th Anniversary where Evan made a quick appearance, which took viewers by surprise. The visual transformation of Marriott was very shocking since no one had seem him since his 15 minutes of fame back in 2003.

In an interview with The Insider, he talks about how quickly he went through his money within the first few years after the show ended. He donated a lot of the money to different charities, but he wishes he had managed the rest more carefully.

Evan is currently single and has gone back to his roots and is now a construction contractor in Orange County, CA.


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